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27 inch KSTK1 Laundry Stacking Kit Compatible with LG Dryer Washer

27 inch KSTK1 Laundry Stacking Kit Compatible with LG Dryer Washer

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LG & Samsung 27" Washer/Dryer Stacking Kit - KSTK1 Chrome Metal Edition

Value-Packed Stacking Solution

Optimize your laundry space with the KSTK1 Stacking Kit, complete with all necessary components for a seamless setup. The kit includes two 26-inch side brackets, one stopper bracket, four self-tapping screws, and a stacking support guide for easy reference.

Designed for Compatibility

The KSTK1 Chrome Edition is engineered for perfect fitment with 27-inch LG and Samsung front-load washers and dryers , ensuring a secure and space-saving stack of your laundry units.

Maximize Your Laundry Area

Transform your laundry routine with the KSTK1 Kit. It's the ultimate solution for compact living spaces , turning your washer and dryer into a vertical powerhouse that saves room and simplifies your chores.

Superior Build and Simple Setup

Constructed from durable metal with a sleek chrome finish , the KSTK1 Kit not only supports your appliances but also enhances their look. Installation is a breeze—whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional help. Remember to disconnect your appliances from power and water sources before beginning the installation process.

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