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4396011RP Telescoping Vent Kit Aluminium For Whirlpool Dryers 18in to 29in

4396011RP Telescoping Vent Kit Aluminium For Whirlpool Dryers 18in to 29in

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The Whirlpool 4396011RP Genuine OEM Telescoping Vent Kit is a high-quality accessory designed to facilitate the proper venting of dryers. This kit is essential for ensuring that your dryer operates efficiently and safely by providing a reliable pathway for hot, moist air to be expelled from the appliance. Here are the detailed features and benefits of this telescoping vent kit:


  1. High-Quality Construction :

    • Made from durable aluminum, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.
    • Designed to withstand high temperatures and regular use without deteriorating.
  2. Telescoping Design :

    • Adjustable length from 18 to 29 inches, providing flexibility to fit various installation spaces.
    • The telescoping feature allows for easy customization and adjustment to the specific needs of your laundry setup.
  3. OEM Specifications :

    • Genuine OEM part, ensuring compatibility and performance in line with Whirlpool's quality standards.
    • Provides a direct replacement or upgrade for existing vent kits, maintaining or enhancing dryer performance.
  4. Complete Kit :

    • Includes all necessary components for installation, simplifying the setup process.
    • Designed to connect seamlessly to standard dryer vents and ducts.
  5. Ease of Installation :

    • Comes with clear instructions and all required hardware, making it suitable for DIY installation.
    • The telescoping mechanism simplifies the alignment and connection process.


  1. Improved Dryer Performance :

    • Ensures efficient venting of hot, moist air from the dryer, which is crucial for optimal drying performance.
    • Helps maintain proper airflow, reducing drying times and energy consumption.
  2. Enhanced Safety :

    • Proper venting reduces the risk of lint buildup and potential fire hazards.
    • Maintains a safer laundry environment by expelling hot air and moisture effectively.
  3. Versatility :

    • The adjustable length allows the vent kit to be used in various spaces, accommodating different dryer placements.
    • Ideal for both new installations and replacements, providing a versatile solution for venting needs.
  4. Durability and Reliability :

    • High-quality aluminum construction ensures long-term reliability and resistance to damage.
    • OEM quality guarantees that the kit meets rigorous standards for performance and safety.
  5. Cost-Effective Solution :

    • Provides an affordable option for upgrading or replacing dryer vent kits without compromising on quality.
    • Extends the life of your dryer by ensuring proper venting and reducing strain on the appliance.

Installation Tips:

  1. Safety First :

    • Unplug the dryer and ensure it is cool before starting the installation.
    • Wear protective gloves to avoid cuts from the aluminum edges.
  2. Prepare the Area :

    • Measure the distance between the dryer and the wall vent to determine the required length of the vent kit.
    • Clean any existing ductwork to remove lint and debris.
  3. Install the Vent Kit :

    • Adjust the telescoping sections to the required length (18 to 29 inches) to fit your installation space.
    • Securely attach one end of the vent kit to the dryer's vent outlet and the other end to the wall or floor vent.
    • Use the provided clamps or hardware to ensure a tight, secure connection.
  4. Check for Leaks :

    • After installation, run the dryer on a short cycle to check for any air leaks or loose connections.
    • Ensure the vent kit is securely fastened and there are no gaps.
  5. Maintenance :

    • Regularly inspect and clean the vent kit to prevent lint buildup and maintain efficient airflow.
    • Check connections periodically to ensure they remain secure.
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