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Full set LED Backlight Strips For TCL 65P2US 65S401 65S403 65S405

Full set LED Backlight Strips For TCL 65P2US 65S401 65S403 65S405

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About this item: This LED backlight strip kit is designed to be compatible with a wide range of TCL 65" TV models, including but not limited to 4C-LB6507-YH04J, TOT_65_D2900, 65D2900, 65S405, and many more. The kit includes 12 pieces of high-quality LED strips that ensure long-lasting brightness and a lifespan of over 100,000 hours.

Compatible with TCL 65inches TV models: 4C-LB6507-YH04J TOT_65_D2900 65D2900 65S405 65S401 65S403 006-P1K3507B 65UC6306 65UC6406 U65P6046 65A730U 65HR330M07A4V2 4C-LB6507-YH01J 65HR330M07A 65HR330M07A4 65US6016 LVU650SS0T 65D2930U LVU650CM0T 65S405TAAA LVU650NDIL 65UT6006 65S405TCBA LVU650ND1L L65E5800A D65A620U LSC650FN04 65UC6326

Compatible LED strip model: 006-P1K3507B,TOT_65_D2900_12X7_3030C_D6f-2D1_7S1P,TOT_65_D2900_12X7_3030C_D6+-2D1_7S1P,65D2900-12X7-3030-LX20180403,4C-LB6507-YH,LB6507,65HR330M07A4V2,Panel Number: LVU650SS0T|T8-65D2930U-LPN1| LVU650CM0T E3 V1| T8-65D2930U-LPN2.

High Brightness: Each LED strip in the kit offers high brightness up to 700 nits, ensuring your TV displays vibrant and clear images.

Package Contents: The price includes a complete set of 12 LED strips, enough for one TV. Each strip is 630mm in length and contains 7 LEDs.

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