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MeeF incubator for Hatching Eggs, Automatic 28 Eggs Incubator, Humidity Control

MeeF incubator for Hatching Eggs, Automatic 28 Eggs Incubator, Humidity Control

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Automatic Egg Incubator

Automatic Egg Turn/Multifunctional Design:

  • Ingenious automatic egg-turning function rotates eggs every 90 minutes for optimal incubation conditions.
  • Versatile egg tray accommodates various egg sizes including chicken, pigeon, duck, quail, and goose eggs.

Automatic Humidity Control:

  • Independent ultrasonic atomizing humidifier ensures precise humidity levels for successful hatching.
  • Fast humidification speed and smart humidity range management simplify the incubation process.

Enhanced Air Director:

  • Upgraded air cover optimizes airflow, preventing surface humidity issues and uneven heating.
  • Improved diversion cover ensures consistent temperatures throughout the incubation area.

Pulse Heating Technology:

  • Stable temperature control with pulse heating mode minimizes fluctuations and reduces power consumption.
  • Boosts hatching success rates for various types of eggs.

Dual Egg Tray Options:

  • Choose from two hatching egg trays: 28-piece tray for smaller eggs and 12-piece tray for larger eggs.
  • Accommodates eggs of different sizes including quail, pigeon, chicken, duck, and goose eggs.

Customizable Egg Flipping Time:

  • Easily adjust egg-flipping interval to your preference for enhanced customization.
  • Follow simple steps to set the flipping time according to your needs.
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