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REIDEA R1 Flat Electronic Candle Lighter: USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter - Silver

REIDEA R1 Flat Electronic Candle Lighter: USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter - Silver

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REIDEA Electric Lighter R1 Flat Candle Lighter, Windproof Flameless USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter - Silver Color

Eco-Friendly Innovation: Transition to an environmentally responsible future with our Electric Lighters. Eliminate the need for gas and oil-based lighters that harm the environment. Our REIDEA Electronic Lighter offers a clean, effortless way to light up, significantly reducing your carbon footprint and fostering a positive environmental impact.

Windproof and Flameless Technology: Equipped with advanced high-frequency electric arc technology, our lighter is impervious to wind and doesn't produce a flame. This feature ensures reliable lighting in any weather condition, enhancing its versatility and usability outdoors.

Cost-Effective Rechargeability: Embrace the efficiency of a built-in rechargeable battery. Our lighter is not only an eco-friendly choice over disposable lighters but also cost-effective. A single charge delivers over 80 uses, and the lighter itself can be recharged over 300 times, offering long-term value.

Enhanced Safety Measures: Safety is paramount with our electric lighter. It includes an on/off switch and a hidden safety lock to prevent accidental activation. These features ensure the lighter is safe and secure for use by you and your family.

Convenient Charging Capability: Charging your lighter is hassle-free with the included USB cable. It can be charged from any USB port, be it on a computer, wall adapter, or power bank. This convenience ensures your lighter is always ready to use.

  • Brand: REIDEA
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Zinc
  • Style: Flat
  • Item Weight: 60 Grams
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Product Dimensions: 7.48"L x 1.46"W x 0.6"Th
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