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Set Of 4 YIHAM KB837 Grill Burner Tubes Stainless Steel for Napoleon Legend 485

Set Of 4 YIHAM KB837 Grill Burner Tubes Stainless Steel for Napoleon Legend 485

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YIHAM KB837 Grill Burner Tubes for Napoleon Legend 485, LEX 485 605 730, Mirage, LD485RB LD485RSIB Replacement Parts, 304 Stainless Steel, 18 13/16 inch, Set of 4


  • ►Fits Napoleon Legend 485: LD485, LD485RB, LD485RSIB. ►Napoleon LEX485 Series: LEX485, LEX485-1, LEX485NSS-1, LEX485PSS-1, LEX485RSIB, LEX485RSIB-1, LEX485RSIBNSS, LEX485RSIBNSS-1, LEX485RSIBPSS LEX485RSIBPSS-1, LEX485RSIBPSS-DE, LEX485SS-1. ►Napoleon LEX605 Series: LEX605, LEX605RSBI, LEX605RSBINSS, LEX605RSBIPSS, LEX650RSBIPK, LEX605RSIB. ►Napoleon LEX730 Series: LEX730, LEX730RSBI, LEX730RSBINSS, LEX730RSBIPSS, LEX730RSBISS, LEX730RSIB.
  • ►Napoleon Mirage Series: M485, M485RB, M485RSIB, M485SBPSS, M605, M605RSBI, M605RSBINSS-SE, M730RSBI. ►Napoleon Lifestyle Series: L485, L485RB, L485RSB, L485RSIB, L485SB, L485SIB.
  • ►Napoleon Built-In LEX Series: BILEX485, BILEX605, BILEX605RBI, BILEX730, BILEX730RBI. ►Napoleon Built-In Mirage Series: BIM485, BIM485RB, BIM605. ►Napoleon Ted Reader Series: TR485, TR485RB, TR485RSB. ►Napoleon LA Series: LA400RSIBPSS.
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel. Thickness: 1mm. Heavy-Duty. Anti-Rust. Lasts longer than other materials. Compatible Part Number: 85-3072-8, 85-3073-6, 85-3080-8, 85-3081-6, 85-3082, 85-3083, N100-0036.
  • Dimensions: 18 13/16'' x 1''. Please measure the sizes of your original parts BEFORE you order.

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