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Skull Cocktail Smoker Kit Brown 4 Flavors Wood Chips Whiskey Drinks Halloween

Skull Cocktail Smoker Kit Brown 4 Flavors Wood Chips Whiskey Drinks Halloween

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EXCELLENT CHOICE FOR COCKTAIL SMOKER LOVERS: This cocktail smoker kit is a must-have for cocktail smoker enthusiasts, delivering an extraordinary sensory experience. It expertly blends the enticing aromas of beverages with the natural essence of wood, completely revolutionizing your enjoyment of drinks and food.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: This whiskey smoker kit boasts a distinctive design and exquisite packaging, making it the perfect gift. It includes a cocktail smoker chimney, a 304 stainless steel filter, and four different wood chips: Apple, Cherry, Oak, and Hickory.

EASY TO USE: Whether you're a novice or an expert, this cocktail smoker kit is incredibly user-friendly. Simply place the cocktail smoker chimney on a glass, add some wood chips, ignite the chips with the smoker gun for full combustion, give it a gentle shake, and wait a few seconds for the aromatic drink to be created.

VERSATILE: These bar accessories go beyond being just a cocktail smoker! This versatile drink smoker is perfect for enhancing the flavors of bourbon, cocktails, whiskey, cheese, desserts, and meats. It's thoughtfully designed to fit various glass sizes, cups, and small bowls, making it easy to carry and allowing you to create smoky drinks anywhere, anytime.

EXCELLENT GIFT CHOICE: The ONE AG ANT bourbon smoker kit comes beautifully packaged, making it an excellent choice for Fathers Day gifts, as well as birthdays, housewarmings, and holidays. Show your appreciation for Dad's love for mixology and give him a memorable gift that he can enjoy on his special day.
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